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Loaded with assured and often inspired songwriting, conveyed with unfailingly superb musicianship.
- Jon Sobel, Blogcritics

The Steeldrivers put the Hammer Down with a vengeance on their new album… Unflinching honesty, real beauty, and incredible talent push these Steeldrivers to the forefront.
- Hittin’ The Note

On their third album, the SteelDrivers continue to forge their own unique path in the world of bluegrass/acoustic music.

"I'll Be There" is as energetic and scary as roots music gets, and it's a highlight from the innovative bluegrass band's third album, Hammer Down.
- Ann Powers, NPR Music

The Steeldrivers suck you in and wrap you in their ever loving arms on Hammer Down. Ten songs chock full of classic country heartbreak and neurosis await you, wrapped in amazing bluegrass arrangements bursting with irresistible pop hooks. The chemistry here is amazing, and Hammer Down is a can’t miss listen.
- WildysWorld

This (Hammer Down) is adventurous bluegrass, marrying traditional themes to ambitious and soulful music.

They’re a blues, country, bluegrass, swagger band and they are brilliant
– Adele

Whether it was older songs such a ‘Drinkin’ Dark Wjhiskey’ or newer songs, the linup earned the respect of the most skeptical in the crowd. The SteelDrivers are still in the running to become a crucial factor in the history of bluegrass.
- Geoffrey Hines, Baltimore City Paper